Access via recorders (registrars)

Some websites provide whois service: this is usually an interface to query one or more bases whois records in order to find out if a domain name is available. But most of these services offer access to a limited number of areas (often the .com, .org, and .net) and sometimes a limited amount of data per domain.

Tip: To find a whois base, you can also search in an engine with the type of syntax: “whois .be” (to find whois database that takes into account the extension .be for Belgium). The motion proposes the following site: which is the Belgian register.

The whois database management and proposed formats can be very different depending on the registry that manages it. Furthermore, the search mode can vary between platforms. Among the most common possibilities include research by domain name registrar nameserver (DNS), IP address or Nic Handle.

Such research then provides information on the depositors (or registrants) domain names as well as all associated contacts. This can be very handy in case of dispute or just directly if you wish to contact the manager of a site.

Some of the information displayed when searching in a WHOIS database, you can often find (but it varies from the base managers) the following:

– Whois Server Version
– Domain Name
– Name registrar
– URL Whois server for this registrar
– URL of the site registrar
– DNS Servers
– Last modified
– Address of the owner of the domain name
– Address of the domain administrator
– Address of the technical contact of the domain name
– Modified, creation and expiration of the domain name


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